We Understand cost is also a crucial step in your decision-making process, We recognise the importance of affordability.

That’s why we are committed to offering the most affordable Invisalign treatment in Chennai, ensuring that a beautiful, confident smile is within reach.

Considering Invisalign for a straighter smile? Understanding the cost is a crucial step in your decision-making process. At Aura Dentistry, we believe in transparent and comprehensive pricing, tailored to your unique needs.

Most Affordable Invisalign treatment in Chennai

What Influences the Cost of Invisalign?

1. Complexity of the Case: The severity and type of dental issues can affect the length and cost of treatment.

2. Number of Aligners Needed: More aligners usually mean a higher cost.

3. Additional Treatments: Sometimes, other dental work is needed before or alongside Invisalign treatment.

4. Also the amount of discount availed at that point.

Invisalign Average Cost Range @ Aura Dentistry

Our Orthodontist & Aligner Expert

When it comes to aligning your teeth, whether you choose aligners or braces, these are simply tools in the hands of a skilled orthodontist.

We understand how vital your smile correction is to you, impacting your confidence and well-being for years to come. Investing your hard-earned money in this process is a step towards a brighter, more confident future.

At Aura Dentistry, Dr. Bharath Ramesh brings expertise and a proven track record to every case. With years of experience and countless success stories, he effectively uses these tools to achieve outstanding results. Trust your smile to an expert whose commitment to excellence speaks for itself.

Dr. Bharath Ramesh, MDS,

Orthodontist & Aligner Specialist

More than 10 year Clinical Orthodontic Experience

Treated 3000+ Successful Orthodontic patient

Co-Owner Aura Dentistry

Certified Invisalign provider

How much is the cost of consultation with Dr. Bharath?

We have Partnered with Arogya Finance & other NBFC Companies.

To avail Zero % interest EMI's options

INVISALIGN ( With 28 Aligners) Starts from 98,000 RS to 1,65,000 RS

INVISALIGN ( 28 to 52 Aligners). Starts from 1,65,000 RS to 2,30,000 RS

INVISALIGN COMPREHENSIVE ( Unlimited Trays 3yrs or 5 yrs) Starts from 2,30,000 RS to 3,00,000 RS

Disclaimer- This is the Estimated charges as per June 2024, This may be subjected to changes according to the timeline or Other Influences *


Comprehensive Orthodontic Consultation Charge is 300 Rs, Which Includes

Proper Clinical examination with an assessment of your X-ray.

At Aura Dentistry we have a State of the Art ITERO Scanner, So with a Consultation you get a free Intra-Oral Scanning done.

You can check out how your teeth is going to Change before your treatment starts, Thus making your decision process simpler.

Before and after changes of Similar Corrections with Dr. Bharath's Previous case records for better understanding of your treatment needs.

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