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Dr. Bharath Ramesh, MDS

Co-Owner & Chief Orthodontist at Aura Dentistry

Consultant Orthodontist in Multiple Clinics in Chennai

Practicing Orthodontist & academician for over 11 years

Previously Associate Professor in Ragas dental College & Hospital, Presently Associate Professor of Orthodontics at Chettinad Dental College & Hospital

Invisalign & Flash Aligner Certified Orthodontist

Member of Indian Orthodontic Society & Madras Orthodontic Study Group

Dental council of India no 15207



"For my daughter we have started the treatment from last February and as promised we got the result in aligning the teeth on time before travelling abroad. The doctor is really a friendly person and he explaining things very well to my kid and she is also much satisfied with the treatment process.

Regular follow up and as per our convenience he is changing the appointment. Thank you Aura dentistry for providing such a holistic treatment.

One of the best dental hospital in Urapakkkam

Yuvanraj R

"I don't normally give reviews, but I can't say enough about Aura dental clinic, Because I visited 3 clinics before this for my tooth alignment and cleaning, I was not able to find a good orthodontist near this urapakkam area. Then my friend who has gotten his tooth fixed recommend this place. Doctors here are credible and not money minded especially dr.bharath Ramesh who did my tooth alignment with Invisalign clear aligners. I am 90 percentage done with my treatment and I am extremely satisfied with the result.

Thank you to Dr.Bharath"

naveen kumar

"The dentistry's commitment to patient care is truly commendable. From the welcoming atmosphere to the detailed explanations of procedures, they prioritize both oral health and patient comfort. I appreciate the expertise and genuine concern for my well-being. Definitely my go-to dental clinic!
Highly recommended"

Krithika Kisan

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Invisible Aligners near meInvisible Aligners near me


Invisible Aligners

Embark on a journey to a perfectly aligned smile with our cutting-edge aligner service. Guided by the best aligner specialist near you, our personalized approach ensures effective and comfortable treatment.

Metal braces Metal braces

Metal braces

Discover a confident smile with our metal braces service led by the best braces specialist near you. Our expert team ensures effective, comfortable treatment, using high-quality materials for durability.

ceramic or tooth coloured bracesceramic or tooth coloured braces
Metal Self Ligation bracesMetal Self Ligation braces

Ceramic or tooth coloured braces

Welcome to our ceramic braces service, where discreet orthodontic solutions meet the expertise of the best braces specialist near you.

Metal Self Ligation braces

Experience the future of orthodontics with our metal self-ligation braces, guided by the best specialist near you. Efficient, comfortable, and transformative. Schedule your consultation today.

ceramic self ligation bracesceramic self ligation braces

Ceramic Self Ligation Braces

Elevate your orthodontic journey with our ceramic self-ligation braces, the discreet choice for a radiant smile. Guided by the best Orthodontic specialist near you,

Lingual bracesLingual braces
Functional & Orthopaedic ApplianceFunctional & Orthopaedic Appliance


Maintain your beautiful smile with our state-of-the-art retainer service. Crafted for durability and comfort, our retainers ensure your teeth stay perfectly aligned. Trust the expertise of the best retainer specialist near you

Functional & orthopaedic Appliance

Experience advanced orthodontic orthopedic appliances and functional solutions for a harmonious smile transformation. Our expert team, led by the best specialist near you, tailors personalized treatments for optimal results.

Lingual Braces

Discover the epitome of discreet orthodontics with our lingual braces service. Led by the best Lingual braces specialist near you, these braces are hidden behind your teeth for a truly invisible solution.

Orthognatic SurgeryOrthognatic Surgery

Orthognatic or Jaw Surgeries

Unlock a harmonious facial balance and confident smile through our orthognathic surgery service. Led by the best specialist in orthognathic procedures near you, our advanced surgical solutions address jaw misalignments with precision and expertise.

Myobraces or TrainersMyobraces or Trainers


Embrace a natural approach to orthodontics with our Myobrace service. Guided by the best Myobrace specialist near you, this innovative system focuses on muscle function and breathing habits for a well-aligned, healthy smile.